Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Fun, Sophia on the run

We went to the pumpkin patch on Tuesday with Lacey and Abby. The girls were too cute. I tried to get some cute pics but Sophia was being a little grumpy! Maybe it was the bees following me everywhere. They weren't swarming anyone else, wt heck!!!!!!! I guess I smell too sweet ha ha! Sophia is now 11 lbs and 10 weeks old.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

7 weeks and lookin good!

Sophia was a whoppin 9lbs 12 oz last week, I just love her little rolls! She has reflux and so we are on medication and REFLUX PROTOCOL (sounds official like the FBI or something). She prefers to sleep in her carrier right now because it is uncomfortable for her to lay on her back. I'm sure as her reflux settles she will be able to sleep on her back or side again. We are having so much fun dressing up and playing. She sleeps great at night and always has, lets hope it sticks. It's the day time naps that usually get interrupted by poo or upset tummy. She has started "talking" a little, it is soooo adorable. I know she will be doing more and more each day!