Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pretty in Pink

We were elated to find out we are having ANOTHER girl! I am now dreaming of the cutest photo sessions ever and countless dress up and tea parties. I would love to add a little boy to the family someday, but right now two girls sounds like a blast!!! Now we just have to come up with a name...

Snow Bunnies

We loved the double dose of white Christmas. Here are some of our favorite moments in the snow!

Christmas Fun

It was so much fun getting ready for Christmas this year! Sophia loved all of the decorations and would give us plenty of "oohs" when we lit up the tree. We all had fun planting winter pansies (even if the rabbits already ate them), visiting the Gaylord, baking, and getting in the Christmas spirit.

On Christmas we spent time with both mine and Jerad's family. The Bailey party was a week earlier. Sophia loved all of her new gifts, but her babies were her absolute favorite. I can't wait to spend Christmas next year with both of our loves.

A white Christmas, together with family, healthy and happy kids...those are the greatest blessings we could ask for.

On Christmas morning Sophia was a little hesitant to play with her toys. After seeing the baby stroller she was off!