Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Gets A Present

Well Jerad and I thought it would be fun to take Sophia to the mall for her first trip to meet Santa. I was expecting lines out the door, screaming kids, and paying one million dollars for a tiny photo with Santa. To my surprise the line moved pretty quickly, only one tot screamed, and we only payed 1/2 a mil for 8 tiny photos. Finally we made it to the front of the line where we watched a pre-school aged boy and newborn baby take the cutest picture ever with Santa. Now it was our turn. We placed Sophia on Santa's lap. Hey, no screaming or crying. This was going "pretty good"! Then I could see it coming. Santa was about to get an early Christmas present. Oh no! Santa don't bounce her up and down so fast! Smile, 1 2 3, blaaaah! Santa got a spit up surprise. Being the sweet old man he is, he looked at Jerad and said "TAKE HER NOW"! We ended up getting a cute pic. She looked a little grumpy. How would you look if you were about to spew. Hopefully next year she will smile for the camera and give Santa a candy cane instead.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sophia's First Thanksgiving


For Thanksgiving we were in the good ole town of Joshua pronounced josh-u-way to the natives. I was a little stressed (understatement) for no good reason at all. We ate the yummiest thanksgiving food ever (gotta love those sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top) at my Mimi's, snapped a few pics, and then were off to Jerad's Grandparents. We planned on leaving my Mimi's early so we could spend time with Jerad's fam from out of town, but of course with a 3 month old it didn't happen! Nevertheless, we made it and had a good visit. I stressed for no reason! I guess now I will be ready for Christmas and decide to go with the flow.
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