Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hazey, Lazy Summer

Our summer was filled with birthday parties swimming, swimming, and more swimming! Claire and Sophia are little fishes in the water! Sophia will now stick her head under the water and even jump off the edge into the big pool (with her swim wings of course ). Claire is my little adventuress, not afraid to jump, run, and swim off towards the deep sections. It is always an adventure taking these two courageous and energetic girls anywhere!!!

These girls are just peaches and cream with a little spice! Claire had so much fun at her Claire “Bear” Birthday party. With every present she opened “ooh and ahh” utterances were heard from her candy sweet lips! She is a little ham (wonder where she gets that ;)). Claire loves to dance, run, jump off furniture, play with her babies, read, talk, talk, talk, and cuddle her “bee” (blankey). Some words and segments she says are “I want that”, “I all done”, eat, more, numma numma (banana-her favorite), dog, cow, ducky, cat, nugget (for chicken nugget-another favorite), cheese, juice, yes, no, book, bird, fish (shish), su su (Sophia), baby, night night, bye bye, mom, dada, nanny, granddad, yaya, jiggy (jenny), jo jo (grandma Jo), bear….it goes on and on!!!!

Claire is also my champion fit thrower. She is as happy as a little lark, however if you try to take away food, or a toy (which can be a number of dangerous items she finds) she throws her self on the ground and wriggles like a crocodile. She truly can be a “bear”!!! Claire does giggle, laugh, kiss, and smile all the time! It is such a joy, just don’t take anything away ;)!

Sophia had a great summer getting ready for our pre-school and her Cinderella birthday party! For 6 months straight she would tell me “mom, I’m having a pink Cinderella birthday”! I made a castle cake, we hung up some princess style d├ęcor and Cinderella came to our house to play games with Sophia and her friends! Sophia was in heaven. When Cinderella came in she ran up to her and held her hand. Then she took her to the castle cake and pointed to an edible glass slipper we had created saying, “Look Cinderella, there’s your shoe!” She is too much fun! Cinderella and the girls went on a scavenger hunt, dressed up, danced silly, and had their faces painted! It was absolutely perfect!

Sophia is growing up way too fast! She knows almost all of her letters and sounds, shapes, and some numbers. She knows all of her colors (and has for a while now ) She loves to dance, read Fancy Nancy (ooh, la la), play outside, go to pre-school with her friends, play with her friends at church, draw pictures of her family, play dress up, puzzles, and loves anyone who shows her the slightest affection. She has turned into an amazing cuddler. She is a little sassy and a lot of sweet! I have to say though, I think the age of three is going to be the most difficult thus far in my limited parenting experience! She wants to do EVERYTHING herself, even that which is dangerous! Half of the time I feel like the best mom in the world. The other half, I feel like a frightening Ogre. I don’t really like that side of myself, but it is a reality that all mothers must face. I can try to do my best, except my human effort, and hope and try to become better! If I keep learning, paying attention, and keep trying I think my sweet ones will turn out wonderfully! A lot of praying helps too !

Sophia is a hoot, just the other day she threw on a pretty dress and announced “I’m ready for my people!” I don’t know who her people is, but Heaven help us! She is my little performer! She gives it her all at her dance recitals and gives everyone a show (sometimes that includes picking her nose!) She is a gem.

I feel so blessed to have these beautiful, crazy, messy, adorable girls!

Jerad and I are doing great too. We are grateful for Jerad’s job and my pre-school. I am teaching 6 girls this year, and so far it is amazingly quiet, fun, and all things adorable! I’ve started a reading system called the Daily 5 and love it!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bubbly Rose Boutique

Starting a new blog and new business! Soooooooo excited!

Bubbly Rose Boutique

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mega December Post!!!!!!! For journaling purposes :)

December was full of fun, magic, and family time!!! The Sunday after Thanksgiving we went to Nanny and Grandad's house to decorate the tree and kick off Christmas! The girls loved eating yummy snacks and hanging the bling on the tree!

I love this stage in life where we are creating our own family traditions! We kicked off Christmas at our house with yummy treats, decorating our own tree and watching Polar Express! We also had a visit from our Elf on a Shelf, Red!

Grandad and Kelly came over for dinner and a movie! Sophia opened up baby Stella and we all snuggled up to watch the Polar Express (A family favorite! Can you tell!!!)

Nanny came to visit and read Sophia stories!

In December we also continued our tradition of going to the Gaylord and visiting Santa at Sendera Ranch Elementary.

We also started some new traditions! We visited the Nativity Program at the Colleyville Stake. They had a live Nativity Program with beautiful music and actors. We walked through rooms with Nativities from all over the world. One room was decked out for a Tongan Christmas. The tree was trimmed with balloons, streamers, chips and candy! My kind of tree!

Christmas Eve we spent the night at Nanny and Grandad's with Mandy, Ron, Aubree, Jenny and G Jo! We made cookies for Santa and ate Pot Belly Sammies! Yumm! We were going to re-inact the Christmas Story, but the kids are still too young. I definitely want to start that tradition next year and have a more Christ centered Christmas celebration. The girls were so overwhelmed with what Santa brought them. It took thema little while to get excited! Sophia's favorites were her toy story dolls and Snow White doll!

We visited family, ate, and ate, and ate, opened presents, and felt covered in blessings from the Lord with health, family, and love!